Monday, January 25, 2010

Looong Weekend....and Crotch Grabbing...

"I'm standing here, but you don't see me, I'd give it all for that change"

"Standing out in the rain, I need to know if it's over, cause I will leave you alone"
~Before The Storm, Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas~
(Love the lyrics of this song)

I have to say this

Cojo from Entertainment Tonight scares the hell out of me.

Moving right along...

I have been out every single night this weekend, which started thursday.  Here's the run-down


I originally did not have any plans for this night.  I was sitting at home, hanging out, and kind of bored.  Some how my friends Lisa and Sam plan on getting me, and they do.  We head down to the dorms, so Sam can drop Lisa and I off, and go home.  She had to get up and work the next morning.  Lisa started getting ready to go out, and Andrea came by and totally got hot in like 5 minutes..  I wish I could get hot as fast as girls can.  Its amazing.  Paige came over soon after, I had persuaded her to come out with us that night.  Just so you guys know, one of the University fraternities were having an event at a bar called Churchills.  Nice place right in the heart of downtown Flint.  Anyways, we all went out, and I got to see a few people I haven't seen since before I left for work.  All in all I had a great time, even though I pretty much just sat there all night.
Oh yeah.
There were a few cute guys there that I kind of talk to, but not really, and I think I might be changing that.  One guy, I just met that night is definitely on homo-suspicion.  I recognize his necklace as something similar to what I bought for someone, and it would not be worn by any straight man.  I am kind of hoping he is too because he was hot.


Went to the Triangle, a local gay bar, with one of my best friends, Ashley.  I love this girl, and I am getting tired of people talking shit about her.  I might have to take car of some business soon.
There was a drag show on, but we didn't really pay any attention.  Everyone else was drinking.  But I met some really great people, and I hope to chill with them again soon.  They're pretty awesome
There were some hot guys there, but I don't know.  I feel like I shouldn't be looking for guys in a bar, even though it is an almost guarantee they are gay.  Which would be better than me going after straight guys all the time.


Ah yes. Amazing, epic, and eventful are the only words to describe this night.  It was awesome.
So I got up around I don't know, and dazed and confused.  Did a quick load of laundry and got ready to go.  Since my phone is pretty much turned off ( I can still receive calls, but that is only going to last a few more days) I tagged some people on my status on Facebook so they would call me.  I think I found the greatest thing about Facebook, because no sooner had it posted I received the phone calls I was looking for.  Talk about speedy.
Anyways, Sam and her boyfriend came and got me from my house, and we went out to BDubs(Buffalo Wild Wings).  Greatest place on earth.  I got some chips and salsa, and drank lots of water.  I don't think it really helped.  I still woke up way hungover.
After BDubs, Sam drove me over to Paige's house, dropped me off, and Paige and I left for another University fraternity for another party.  Tonight was my night to drink, and drink, and drink.  It felt amazing to finally let loose after not having the chance to get mega drunk.
I saw some more people I have not seen in months, and got to catch up with quite a bit of them.  I lost my house key, but I think they found it, and I danced my ass off.  Hell yeah, that was a party.
There was also a guy there that well, to say the least, I have a decent crush on.  I don't know if he knows or not, but its cool.  At one point during the night he was giving someone a lap-dance right next to me, and I ended up reaching my hand up and right into his pants.  Now, that is kind of not what I do, and I think the liquid courage was working way to much that night.  There are quite a few parts I don't really remember, and I love it.  I know that sounds reckless and immature, but right now, I am going to be.  I'm young, and I am getting it out now, so I am not being stupid as an old man.


I slept my hangover off, got up, took a shower, and Ashley came over and picked me up.  We went and chilled with Jude, which was great just hanging out.  I got to see my friend Mileah, and to see Madison, Kristie, and Alix(Judes GF).  I am so glad I got to see Jude.
Haha, oh, and she is a twin just like me, and I totally think her brother is hot.  But he is straight.  He a great guy though, I lived with them last summer, and I don't think he ever, ever, had a problem with me.  I would say we pretty tight.

Ok, it is bedtime....I am going to try and be on campus tomorrow so I have to get up kind of early.  I might try and hitch a ride with Paige.


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