Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's Been A While My Friends....I am sorry I neglected you....

"I wanna, I wanna, I wanna touch you, you wanna touch me too, every way and when they set me free, just put your hands on me"
~I Wanna Touch You, The All American Rejects~

This is Scary as Hell

A whole hell of a lot of nothing has been going on lately.

I am going to just ramble and hope that I get everything in here.  I don't know if I will, but I will try and get all the details and not leave anything out.  Sorry if I do.

I sit a home a lot, but my sleep schedule is a little fixed.  I sleep about 12, and get up about 10 so that is better than sleep at 7 or 8 and get up at 5.

I still have to wait to get into classes at Mott(our community college) so I can get my GPA up.

I am on the UofM - Flint campus a lot.  I mean, like everyday.  My philosophy is I would rather be bored up there around people, than at home, losing my mind with my family.

On that note, I was on campus the past two days, just hanging out and seeing people.
I have noticed quite a bit about everyone there.  Maybe I have grown, maybe they have grown, but everyone I talk to seems to have changed.  Some of them, I am not sure, is for the better.
Just wanted to let those of my friends who are talking shit, and being stupid.... You are NOT going to make it in my life if you keep going.  I have and will cut anyone out of my life who causes me grief.  I don't have time to put up with high school drama, and I really don't have the patience.  You know who you are, and I know who you are.  Keep going.

I was on campus yesterday, and I had said that I was trying to get in touch with someone who I have not talked to in a great while, and scary, they walk up about 10 minutes later.  I wish I had more time to talk to them, but I had to go to the dorms and chill.

I got my house key from some friends on campus today.  Glad I got that back.  It would be nice to talk to the guy who was trying to get it back to me more.  I probably shouldn't say this, in fear I may come off as a creeper, but I have had a crush on him since my freshman year in high school.  I am going to be 20 in a month and twelve days.   It has been a long crush.

Oh yeah the guy that I have been so totally confused about, and all that jazz.
He had a party this past weekend that we went to.  I was going to stay the night, but a couple of my friends kind of cock-blocked.  I am not sure what they hell their problem was because I would not have done that to them.  I am a grown ass man, and I can take care of myself.  And, If I want to stay the night at a boys house, I am going to.  Final

That I guess is it for the night.  I feel like there is more, but I can not for the life of me remember.

Love <3


  1. Haha, this post is SO Travis. Im glad to see you're having as many boy problems as I am girl issues. I am not alone!! Lol love you!!

  2. lol.
    yes ma'am. i am having more than the probs i put in here.
    but some things need 2 remain personal. lol
    i think u and I should give up on humans and try and get us sum alien nookie. ahaha

  3. did you say alien nookie ... lmao ... Man Travis all I can say is once you had some you never go back ... no really lmao ...

    Travis keep striving man you will get a break soon ... don't stop trying ... I know it sucks balls.. hope something gives for you soon


    Still laughing about Aliens nookie ...