Friday, February 19, 2010

2,600 miles, and 10 states later....

The longest trip of my life, but totally worth it.
The only way to describe exactly what I just did.

Monday night, my friend Kelly gets on facebook and asks me a very random question.  She asked if I wanted to go to Oklahoma.  Our friend Jme needed a ride from the park, to the road crew in Minnesota.  So naturally, I said yes. I am the most spontaneous person that I know.  I do not feel right planning everything out, so when something comes out of nowhere and it interests me, I do it.  I only live once.
So Kelly drives up from Indiana to get me, so she is not driving cross country alone.  She gets here about 2:30 in the morning, we go and grab a little bit of money from a friend of ours to help us out with gas money, and are on the road by 3:30 in the morning Tuesday.
We drove straight through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and into Oklahoma.
We got to the park about 10-ish, I do not really remember the time because I had not slept since about 10:30 Monday morning, and it was now the end of Tuesday.
Jme had made Kelly and I some goulash, which was delicious, and we took showers because we were feeling kind of scrubby.
We were back on the road, before midnight, I think....
Katie drove from Oklahoma, to Topeka Kansas, where we felt it would be a good place to get a room for a couple hours and sleep at 6 in the morning Wednesday.  We got up, ate Denny's on Jme(thank you Jme!!!) and got back on the road.
We finished driving through Kansas, drove on the borders of Nebraska and Iowa, and drove into Minnesota.
Btw: The Twilight Zone is in northern Nebraska, just before you get into Minnesota.  Our GPS went completely insane, and on the screen it had us driving in circles on the field to the right of the expressway.  It was weird, but we knew to just stay on the expressway till we got into Minnesota.
About 8 or 8:15, we get into Fairmont Minnesota, to where the road crew is.

Ok, so I have mentioned this a couple times, but I should now, just so you do not have to go back and try and find it.  There is a boy that I like very much that is working still, and he is on the road crew. 
I got to see him, which made me very happy, but very much confused me again.  We did not get to talk very much, and it made me kind of sad because I have questions that I have to ask him, and in person would have been amazing for me.  I can read his reactions, and gauge how he is really feeling, just to see his answers.

I want to talk to him....

I also found out that the driver that was hired in just before I left has been talking some mad shit about me.  I am not sure how I should feel about this.  I mean, on the one hand, the fact he finds me important enough to talk about makes me flattered, but on the other, he does not know shit about me, and should not being having any form of negative opinion on me.  Of course the fact that he threatened me once before I left, and I made sure he knows I have great lawyers probably pissed him off.  I was not scared of him.  I told everyone before I left he was a dangerous person, and a liability.  Well, he choked one of the employees from what I found out, and is still there.   I think he should have been arrested after that and charges brought up against him.  There weren't.  It pisses me off.  But I do not have anything to do with him, so I have let it go.

We left that night, and drove through Minnesota, Wisconsin, down through Illinois, into Indiana, and made it back into Flint about 10 am on Thursday.

After 10 states and so many miles...

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