Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day One....So New....*squeaky*

I'm not really sure what made me want to start this blog, or why I am. But, I am.

  1. First, I want to warn anybody who reads my blog, you are not going to be in love with the way I am going to type this. This is probably going to be the most put together, grammatically correct entry.
  2. Second, If you disagree with something I do or say, good. Tell me what you think. The world is full of silent opinions. Those are the ones that never change anything. Hell, yell at me if you feel it would get my attention, or if I am just wrong.
  3. Third, I am looking for a lot of things out of life. A phrase that came to mind and I feel truly describes me;
    My Biggest Fear is not Dying, it is Having Not Lived.
    I am not going to pass up an opportunity to have the time of my life. It may seem reckless, or juvenile, but someday when I am lying on my deathbed, I do not want to look back and say, I wasted time do one thing when I had the chance to have a totally amazing adventure. I will not live my life having regret over not grabbing opportunities and running with them as far they will take me.
OK, now that's out of the way, let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Travis. I am, at the publication of this post, 19 years old, and I love to live.

That is all for now, DO NOT WORRY. You will definitely get to know me a lot better in time.

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  1. welcome to the blogging world! love that saying.. My Biggest Fear is not Dying, it is Having Not Lived.

    oh your cute too!