Sunday, January 3, 2010

10 p.m. - 3 p.m. of the New Millennium

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are"
Anais Nin

  1. I woke up at 3:30 today.
  2. I totally just got excited for Ellen. But it's Sunday. Oops.
  3. I want to see somebody, who is in Oklahoma. :-(
Today is January 3rd, 2010.  Great, now I feel like Captain Obvious.  But, I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that this is the 2nd part of the new millennium.  I guess it is not so new now, but it is still young.  What has been accomplished in the first 10 years?


  • I made it through Y2K, with power and a computer. phew *wipes forehead*
  • Witnessed the single greatest attack on the United States. Wanted to kill the bastards who did it.
  • Went on a loooooong(16 days) vacation with my family to New York, Washington D.C., and all the states in between.
  • Frostbit my feet from walking barefoot in the snow.  No more anger issues.
  • Survived Freshman year.
  • Survived coming out Sophomore year.
  • Survived Junior year.  
  • The summer after that had my first experience
  • Got my first job working for Little Caesars.
  • Survived(kinda) Senior year.... failed senior english.
  • Survived summer School
  • My First Time. Still think about it... he hates me now. damn straight guys. lol
  • GRADUATED (which means I received my diploma, about a month after most people.)
  • Quit my first job.
  • Was one of the first people to grace the halls of the First Street Residence Hall, the first residential hall at the University of Michigan-Flint!
  • Went to college with no goal in mind
  • Drank...A lot
  • More sex
  • (starting to think this is not a blog for my parents. haha)
  • Failed my first year of college
  • Made the GREATEST friends anyone could ask for!
  • Moved home.
  • Traveled the USA working with Tigers(yes the ones that go ROAR)
  • Had my first relationship, kind of went bust.
  • Found a new crush... still not sure where this is going
  • Quit on Christmas and rode 9 hours home

I was thinking about doing a political portion and stating how we are in multiple wars, a huge recession which might as well be called a depression, and have nothing to show for it.  But I am tired of everyone blaming this all on our new president.  Key Word: NEW.  I am not his biggest fan, in fact I am truly disappointed in him, but I am not going to blame all our problems on him.  This is a nation run by the elected officials of the people.

So, on the day of the new year(cuz i stayed up all night ish), I had a crazy scary dream about someone I care very much about.  It was so bad that I did not sleep the night that follows.  I pulled an all nighter, trying not to think about it.  So I was up all day yesterday(2nd) with no sleep and a horrible nightmare running through my head. It was that bad.  I blame my parents for this.  When I moved out, they gave my sister, my bedroom, and she broke two rules.  One she touched it, the second she took my dreamcatcher down.  Now, I have to actually worry about sleeping every night.  Oh well though.  All day I sat at home watching YouTube videos, and hanging out(thank you for the neighbornet) and figuring things out. 

I think I might go back to school, now that I have some sort of idea of what I want to do with my life.  I wasted a year of my life, and somewhere around 8 THOUSAND DOLLARS because I went to college for no reason.  My entire family, and all my friends, and even my high school told me I must go to college immediately after I graduate.  Maybe all of them should pay my student loans back for me wasting my time.  I failed out.  
Now, I am not saying it is their fault that I failed.  That is totally my fault. I could have passed if I had any inkling of motivation to go to my classes or do my work.  I just had no want or drive to be there. I can not find a reason to go when I have no goal to work for.  It was their fault however that I went in the first place.  I could have continued working, and saved money up for the important things, like a license, or a car.  I could have found a reason to go to school if I had just waited 2 years.  That how long it has been since I graduated, and guess what.... I found out what I want to do.  Imagine the money I could have saved in 2 years... I have.  It is somewhere around 8 THOUSAND DOLLARS! go figure.

By the way.  I am going to go to school in the field of Wildlife Biology(I think thats the major I need) to work with Big Cats when I finish.  I am already on my way to certification.  Thank You to the greatest opportunity of my life. 

The past couple of months I worked with an organization based in Wynnewood Oklahoma.  The park was called GW Exotic Animal Park.  It is actually the largest big cat rescue in the nation, and home to over 200 big cats.  I recently quit for a few reasons that I am not going to advertise on the internet for all the world to see.  But it was the greatest opportunity that I have ever had, and I may return again someday in the near future.  I can tell you more, but this is already getting to be a very long post, so I will put a link on here, and hope that answers questions.  If not, leave a comment.

Ok, now I am feeling long winded. 
Time for me to go
OH YEAH! did you read the quote at the beginning?


  1. Just found your blog. Yes, I read the quotation. Nin is one of those authors that I feel like I should read but haven't.

    I agree that many people go to college just by default, because it's what most of their friends and classmates do. Taking a year or more off to find out what someone really wants to do makes sense to me. I hope that you are successful in your pursuit of your career.

    I guess I'll be your second follower.

  2. Thank You Green and Purple.
    If you don't mind terribly, would you mind letting more people know about it?

  3. travis ill give you a shout out on tomorrows post ok? i would have today's put i already dot it done and up.

    little long winded on this post? hehe i liked it so honest very cool!

  4. Wow, Travis. Powerful post. Very personal. Very comprehensive. There's a lot in there that applies to a lot of young people out there - particularly the "forced into college" part. I worked in a high school for 5 years, and watched it happen all too often.

    I, too, went to college straight out of high school. I knew what I wanted to do, but in my case, the school simply didn't offer what I wanted, so while I avoided failing out, it was close at times, and I paid for the last 2 years. The degree hasn't done me a darn bit of good as far as career goes.

    I'm looking forward to catching up to the present with your blog. I broke a personal rule by commenting before reading the whole thing, but this post just touched me. Keep up the good work.

    Peace <3