Friday, March 26, 2010

See You Again Someday...

Goodbye for now.
There are only rare occasions that I will say goodbye, it is usually see you later, or talk to you later, or peace, or something like that.  I hate to say goodbye, its too final, too formal.
I hate the finality of it.

Today I said goodbye.

At least for now it is goodbye.

Rest In Peace  Papa Percy....



  1. It is hard to say a final goodbye, but it helps to think of it as the goodbye to the physical body only. You can carry your memories the rest of your life. When you have a kid or kids you can share your good memories or funny stories of your grandfather into the next generation.

  2. My condolences to you, your family and friends.


  3. I wish I could say something to ease the pain one feels when loosing a loved one.
    'Tis not goodbye, merely farewell. As G&P said, you'll always have your memories.

    *cuddles* It'll be ok, just give yourself time to grieve.

    Take care Trav :)

  4. Thank You all so much.
    I know I should take time to grieve, and I will tonight, but I did push through the day. It was easier(i hope that doesnt sound horrible) than I thought, but it was a long time coming unfortunately. He is no longer hurting, no longer fighting, simply Happy now. I will miss him, but someday, we will say hello again.
    thank you again...

  5. It doesn't sound horrible at all, we all deal with these things in our own way.

    The day of my Pop's funeral, I walked out of the service (long story) and spent the afternoon at McDonalds with my cousins laughing about some of the things he did while he was alive.

    I guess my point is, don't focus on how you think you should feel... Just do what you need to do.
    Failing that, Blog your little heart out...