Friday, March 26, 2010

just an update. better one later....

"Don't dream to far, don't lose sight of who you are, don't remember that rush of joy"
~I'm Not That Girl, Wicked

Today, well, it was a roller coaster to say the least.

As my earlier post says, I laid someone dear to me to rest today, but that was not the end of my day.

I chilled at home for a few hours, and decided I wanted to go see a movie.  So, I started talking to someone that I don't get to hangout with much, and well, we planned it out.  We had intended to go see How To Train Your Dragon.  I also got a hold of another one of my friends I have not seen in ages, and she said she might be able to make it.  I was super hoping she could.
So we get to the movie theatre, and surprise! She could make it. lol.
At the counter for the movie, the girl tells us that it is half full, and filling up fast, which is cool, except I can't really sit in a theatre full of little kids for a long time, I would go crazy. We decided to go see Bounty Hunter. I can honestly say, I liked it. It lived up to my expectations, and made me laugh quite a bit.

After, we kind of just rode around, finding random things to do. Go to Wal-Mart, sneak into a local dam, look at sculptures at my high school.  You know, the same ol' same ol' stuff.
We also got to talk, which is something good for me, but I liked to listen a lot more.
I don't want to say this, knowing that it can't happen, and the person reads my blog, but well, someday down the road, it would be nice.  They took my mind off a lot, including my papa dying, and a boy from which I should get over.  I am not saying that it will, but I definitely think that the future holds many mysteries.

I think in the end though I need to say thank you to them.  They did get me through today, and it was good to know that someone was there.
Thank You!!!!
....you know who you are....

I have an awesome idea for a blog post, but I did not want to be up all night(contradictory of my blog title) writing it. Maybe I will do it like a series, or in different chunks.

Thanks For Reading.


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