Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lazy. Crush PICS, Formspring, and Bowling.

I do not have a quote for here this week, and the music I am listening to is new so I do not know if there are any words I like yet. L :(

I think there is some kind of something weird attached to my url.....help me

There is no way I can remember everything that has been going on, but I am going to write, till I think of as much as I can.
Of course, I can not think of anything now....drats....

Well, I just started getting into Formspring.  For those who may not know what that is, it is a website where people can visit, and ask anonymous questions.  It is amazing.  I have fallen in love with it.  It has even led to a guy e-mailing me.  I still do not know who he is, but he has asked a lot of questions, and I have been learning a lot about him.  He was in one of my classes last year, but I do not know if I remember him, which sucks.  I kind of want to meet him.  I think we could be friends. Here is my link just in case anyone wants to check it out. Read through my questions, they are funny.  And you will learn a lot about me. Formspring!!!!!!

I was checking out some blog that I follow, and just looking through old post's I found a picture that I am like 98% sure is a guy I have a crush on.  I was pretty much not thinking about even trying to talk to him, but after this picture, I think I might actually try. lol. It is revealing, but artistically so...I wonder if there are more, in a spread or something.  He is also hot as hell. Maybe I will post a link to the picture if I have any requests.

I have no idea what else to say.

Oh. Well Katie and I are always chilling, and a few days this past weekend we have  been drinking. But last night was the best, by far.
We had been planning to go bowling so Katie called around and one bowling alley said they had glow bowling starting earlier than everywhere else, but it was a lie. So we came back to my house and did some pre-gaming.  Well, after we got to the bowling alley, we had a blast, and I kept sneaking drinks. SHHH. ahaha.  I was pretty tipsy last night, and only did well about 2 frames.  I bowled a 108 the first game, and we did not even get to finish our second game. I kind of wanted Katie's money back.  It was a rip off.

I want to talk to this person who e-mailed me from formspring.
I want to talk to the guy who's picture I found.
I want to talk to someone else.

I am Happy


My birthday is March 14th, and I am having a party on the 13th, and maybe on the 14th, depending. I am so excited.  I have a countdown till next years though....


  1. did someone say partyyyyy?????? lol i want details about it!!

  2. I hope that you have a good birthday. Sure, post photos of the guy if you can.

  3. hey travis thanks for the comment on my blog and wanted you to know i answered you back on your comment.

    happy early birthday you said party woo hoo i wanna come ill keep my clothes on hehe!

  4. Hey Travis,

    No I don't live near Guyton I know where it is though my Parents have a beach house in Savannah and I think my brother race there or close by I remember going through there. I live in Florida just up here with my brother while he heals from his wreck.

    Wish I could make up there for your party we would have a blast and trust me there would be nudity haha! I have a hard time keeping my clothes on hehe.

    I try to answer my comments when people ask questions about my post or need more info on what I'm writing.