Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lets See Who Reads This....BIRTHDAY MONTH

"I might need you to hold me tonight, I might need you to say it's alright, I might need you to take the first stand, because tonight I'm finding it hard to be your man"
~Hold Me, Savage Garden~

So to start out, I want to see who reads this.  If you do, and are on my Facebook, would you please comment on my wall or send me a message, just to let me know. I am very curious. Keep reading if you need comment material.

So the past week or so has been pretty ok.

The weather was amazing, up until this morning.  It has been beautiful, I even walked down to the UofM-Flint Campus on wednesday.  But, that was because of a fight that my sister and my mother started with me.

It was St. Patrick's Day Wednesday, my Grandmothers birthday, and my friends birthday.  It was busy to say the least.

Thursday I went to Churchills for another St. Patty's Day party put on by another local Fraternity.  Got kind of bored, and the eye candy was minimal so I left early and went back to the dorms and hung out.  I went home that night.

Last night, we celebrated another friend of mines birthday. Kind of got crazy, but not bad.
We went to Starlight, one of the best Coney Islands ever!
Well, we got there and the door was locked because they were packed, and full to the max.  Me, being the drunken diva that I am, started ranting about going elsewhere, and started spouting off other places we could go, it was kind of stupid, and childish, but I was pretty drunk.  We got in though, so it was no biggie.  Last night was awesome.

I am sure there are more stories I could tell you, but I can honestly not remember any of them.  Don't you hate that?

Oh yeah! I have a job now.  I interviewed at the Kroger on the corner by my house last saturday, and they sent the drug test out Monday, in which I passed, of course, and I start training and working Thursday at noon.  So yeah, if you read this congratulate me on Facebook.

I am going to be cutting friends out of my life soon.  The people who are using me, and abusing me.  The ones who say one thing, and do another.  The ones who lie.  The ones who think they are fooling me.  And the ones I wish I did not have to.

I also would like to pose a question to a certain group on campus, because I, for the life of me, can not figure it out.  I hope I get a positive answer, because frankly, I am not very happy with them.

I am still single. And unwillingly celibate. haha. It's life though.



  1. Congrats on the job :)
    Sounds like you're in for one hell of a month! Kinda reminds me of Septembers for me, the first two weeks of it I have birthdays pretty much every day (mine included).
    Good luck with the friendship spring clean too!

  2. Go easy on the drama, Diva.

    I can tell you from experience you have to be able to back up Diva activity. In short, SO take a chill pill and count to ten. Life is not that complicated for you as you seem.

    What is important is to create balance in your life and make sure as much as you take from this life that you are able to give back.

    In all we do is cause and effect ....and of course, your role in the process.

    Trust your youth but know each day that it is fleeting....fading. Look to the future and find your place in history.

    You don't need the spotlight to shine bright. The light is in you.

    All that to say, I hope you are well Travis and that with each passing year your life gets a bit brighter. (Hint: It will if you can bury personal ego and embrace the love in your heart.)

    Thanks for sharing your life here. Happy Birthday. See your world, get your education plan in place, too.

    Always, your uncle...and friend,