Monday, May 10, 2010


I have been missing in action in the blog lately and I feel like that has not been good for me, and been a little more boring for you.  I hope that no one hates me for it. Haha

I am sitting here getting ready for work, thinking about all the things that were keeping me awake last night, and I think that I should start writing political speeches. Lol.  One giant thing that has been on my mind and on the mind of most of America is gay marriage.  Being a gay man, I do not understand most of the arguments against it, and I am also unable to understand how people can hate, I mean HATE, a human being because they are not the same as them.  I do not understand how a country that believes that it is the "greatest" can allow inequality and discrimination in the 21st century.  I can not understand why Americans can not treat each other as equals.  But, in our history, have we ever not persecuted and condemned minorities?

That is all I want to talk about right now, I don't want to be late for work, and if I keep going, I won't stop till I am finished.  I am going to start asking questions of key people in my life, and I am hoping not to lose them, but in order to change the world, I am not going to stand to have the most important people against me.

Have a great week! I am going to try and get more post's soon.  I know that letter three is long overdue....


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  1. Travis, in my opinion hatred and mistrust (and fear) of gays and lesbians is mostly related to the older generations. They grew up in a time when being gay was considered a disease, and they can't think of gays and lesbians as being equal human beings. And when they think of gay marriage they really think about gay sex. For younger generations being gay or lesbian is an accepted diversity in humans. If you look at the vote on Prop 8, regarding same sex marriage, here in California, it did not get a majority among all voters under age 65. It only passed because 2/3 of voters above 65 approved it. So with time the opposition to marriage equality will weaken. There are two challenges to DOMA and Prop 8 going through the courts, and I have some hope that at least the DOMA challenge from Massachusetts will be successful.