Monday, May 10, 2010

I feel like Letter Three

"Hoping to find a friend and a lover, God bless the day I discover, another heart, looking for love"
~Looking for Love~ Waylon Jennings

Just an update before I give you Letter Three.

Working a lot for minimum wage is not worth it, I can still barely start to pay any bills.  I know that this is super repetitive, seeing as I talk about it all the time, but I seriously think about working with my old job every single day of my life.
Went to a somewhat local zoo, one I had never been to before, but have always heard great reviews about.  I think that having worked for one, even though I have never been to the park I worked for as an employee, I was far from impressed.  My friend Katie, who I went with and was an employee at the park we worked for, also pointed out more things that I would not have noticed as readily.  The one thing that upset me the most was it looked as though these animals do when their will is broken.  The one spider monkey they had was lethargic, and had moved about 4 feet upwards the entire time we were there.  It was seriously the one thing that has stuck in my mind the most.  I worked closely with a spider monkey while I was touring, and I can remember not a single moment that he was ever lethargic.  Three months.  That was how long I worked, which may not seem like very long at all, but imagine being with an animal every moment, every day.  It adds up.
These animals at this zoo, they looked closer to death than I have ever wanted to see.  Their eyes had shown they gave up living, and were only existing till their bodies gave in.
Now, not all was bad at this park, their enclosures for the most part were super spacious, and they had a great variety of animals.  The animals that are of a domesticated type seemed happy, I even made a new goat friend I named Billeh.(Get it Billy. Lol)  The family's that were there visiting seemed happy, and the children were so excited to see all the animals.  I am glad there is a chance for them so close to home.  I think with a little work, this park could be much better, but my disappointment stems from previous work with a rescue organization.  I am thinking that soon, I am at least going to go and talk to the people who run the zoo, see if they have any plans to work on, and maintain their zoo a bit better in my opinion.

Ok, I want to type you guys letter three.  This one is about my first kiss...I hope you enjoy.

Dear Teacher(no not like school or college),

I remember seeing you the week that I moved into the First Street Residence Hall at the University of Michigan - Flint.  It was going to happen sooner or later, you were employed by the university, and were living in the hall.  That is all I am going to say about your personal life, I know people know who you are, but I want to let you have your privacy.
We talked here and there, over the time leading up to our meeting.  Maturity wise, I was not as far as I am now, and you were, at least what I thought, more mature than me.  I think that was the biggest thing that attracted me to you.  You were older than me, and in ways, more mature than me, but not so far to be a boring person.  And you had amazing eyes....
One night, I was in a friends room, talking to you on the computer, and our conversation turned to a more personal chat.  I started showing my innocence, talking about how little I had done, and how I was trying to find someone to learn from, while doing a little bit more.  I kind of played up to the fact you had said earlier you had been drinking.  Well, soon enough you were inviting me to your room, I had said I was looking to cuddle more than anything.
Fast forward about 10 minutes, and I am standing in your room.  Your bed is lofted on the right, opposite corner, a desk immediately to my right.  On my left is a keyboard, and I think to myself, wondering if you can play at all.  I decide it makes you about 2 times hotter just having it.
You were standing behind me, and you close the door as you turn the light off.  I walk to the ladder standing close to it, seeing the outline of your body as you slip your t-shirt over your head. The rustle of fabric falling to the floor as you slide your pants down and step out of them.  My heart starts beating a little faster, when I move to take my clothes off, I struggle a little bit with shirt.  Even though it is dark, and only outlines can be seen, I hurry up the ladder in my underwear, to lay down.  I am very self conscience and I don't want to risk you seeing my body.  I can see you coming up the ladder, and as you lie yourself down, my heart starts to race.  We kind of make a little small talk, and I admit that I have never really kissed anyone.  I feel kind of embarrassed, but you just smile and move closer.
The moment your lips come into contact with mine, my heart skips a beat, and flutters, and my body starts to shiver.  In my head I pray that you don't stop, and hope that you don't notice my body and the reactions to your touch.
You start to coach me in things that you have experienced, and things that you like, one kiss on the cheek, a little nibble of the ear, and suddenly we are making out, holding each other close.  I am almost positive that my body is going to burst.  Excitement has me aroused so much, and I can feel your arousal pressing against my leg just as much.
I decide to make this more than just kissing and cuddling, and move my body lower.  Kissing your chin, slowly tracing my fingers, following with my mouth to your bare chest.  I slide my fingers over the band of your boxer briefs, and slowly slip them down your legs, allowing you to pull your legs out one at a time.  Looking up your body, I am ready to start.

We saw each other a couple more nights after that, all of them quite amazing, and I don't think I slept much at all.  I know that every time, I was set on kissing.  The first time I ever did it, and though we don't really talk much anymore, I am reminded every time I kiss someone else that I was taught by you.  It was amazing, and I still don't think that what I have written has done justice to my feelings.

Thank You for my first kiss


This comic cracks me up, and I loved this one. Lol

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