Thursday, March 24, 2011

To the Edgewater Florida School Parents...Explicit.

You selfish, childish, horrible people.

To my friends who aren't aware what is going on....

There is a school in Edgewater Florida, in accommodating a 6 year old, let me say that again, in protecting a SIX YEAR OLD little girl, has come under fire for requiring children in the school to wash their hands and face so as the girl does not risk coming into contact with any nut products. She is living with an allergy to nuts, that you may not know, but children are born with it.  She did not choose this life, or her allergies...

So I see where the parents are coming from, I mean, it is horrible that are children have to wash their hands after they eat. God forbid hygiene be forced. Our kids have the right to never wash themselves if they so chose. Who is this school to tell them they have to be clean...?
But wait, when I went to elementary school, I do recall in certain classes being taught, and made to wash my hands while I was at school. How many people were taught by their schools, not the parents basic hygiene?

How about these parents grow a pair, and quit complaining that the school is taking care of their students, no matter what.  If parents did not pawn their children off on schools 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, children would learn nothing. Parents do not have time, and many do not have the want, to teach their children.  Without these schools, many of your children would be even more stupid than you.  Yupp, I said it, you are stupid for forcing this girl to feel more singled out than she must already live. Horrible.

This 6 year old little girl has been out of school 4 days at the posting of this blog, because these horrible parents have a problem with their children washing their hands!!!! You selfish bastards. This child is missing important days of development, along with a chance for an education because you are mad your children have to wash their hands so this girl does not have to fear for her life, her life, HER LIFE!!!!

I can not understand how grown ass adults can be so horrible to a six year old girl. I know that if I was so hated when I was 6, I would have grown up a lot more fucked up than I already am.  In my own life, if adults and children had been as mean, hurtful, selfish, and childish as the folks of Edgewater Florida, I would have been 100 times more suicidal.  Personally, I feel self esteem is built in these most important early development years, and all that this poor girl is going to see, all that she is going to feel, is contempt and hate from grown ass adults. How do you learn to love yourself, to take care of yourself, when adults chose to show you such horrible sides of human kind so early in life?

It sickens me, that what was once the Greatest Nation on Earth, has fallen so far from what we are built on...

I have one last thing to say to the parents of Edgewater Florida:

You people, you adults, are immature.  You are horrible people.  Here we have an opportunity to protect our children, ALL of them, and at the same time, teach them to care about their friends and peers.  How dare you act so childish. How dare you cause this little girl to miss school. How dare you be so selfish.  Grow the fuck up!

Thank you everyone who is still around reading my blog, I am sorry that I have not had time or motivation to share everything with you guys.  So much has happened, and still is...

...Thank you....


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  1. um ttavis i cant get pass the not liking nuts lol sorry your talking about something else!

    i totally agree with you come on were talking about washing hands something we need to teach kids anyway hello it sure would help all the kids from getting sick from even the common flu. just think i live down here in the middle of these hillbillys and i love it!