Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Ok, so I have absolutely no access to the interwebs so my socialite status is falling....and I am dying not being able to blog to all my followers, and not be able to get on Facebook, or Myspace(yeah, yeah, I know), or Formspring.

Any way, Um, I have a boyfriend, and absolutely happy with him
I just got him a gift the other day that I know he loves.

I want to update more, but I am at a friends having some fun, and I can't waste time online...


Friday, June 11, 2010

So a short lil update....ish. lol

I don't know where to begin. So much has been happening, and I can not remember all that has happened since the last post of mine.   I know that I have to write a few more letters, and I have so much to talk about to let you guys know that I am happy.  I just really don't know where to start. Ask me things, I don't know what to say. lol

There is a guy that I am talking to, well, again.
Years ago, even before I had come out of the closet, there was a boy, he went to another school than mine, but some how we met online and talked.  Well, after time went on I developed a monster crush on him.  I can honestly say that he was my first crush.  Unfortunately, as we grew up, and time progressed, we drifted apart, and never talked.
Fast forward to a couple weekends ago, and guess who I see at the bar, WITH MY FRIENDS!!!!
Yupp! Boy! and he was looking fine!
Well, he had a man at the moment, and I kind of played a roll in breaking that up, but in my defense, his boyfriend is a douche, and a bad person, and one of the few people I would go to jail for kicking their ass
We are talking now, but I am fearing a lot of things.  Plus I feel like that I have caught him in a lie already, and my foresight has been giving me glimpses that I am not sure are the future, or just my fears manifesting themselves in my minds eye.  It sucks though, because I am not usually wrong, and this is one of the times I am begging not to be right.

Work has been good, it's a lot of fun with my co-workers, but society as a whole are douche bags. I hate working with people.  God I miss animals.

I wish I could find a better paying job though.  Minimum wage is killing me.  It doesn't help that all I hear from some of my closest friends is how I need to be saving money, but I am not making more than 160 dollars a check.  Maybe if I was making lots of money, I wouldn't have a problem saving and paying off my old bills. I wouldn't be trying to get my school loans deferred, I wouldn't be without a cell phone, I would NOT be living at home. But I do not have the luxury of making a lot of money every check.
Now, I do spend my money, I buy alcohol for myself on the weekends, and a chaser, and pay my way into the bar on the one night we get hit with a cover. I also buy my food, and tip my waitress when we go out.  So when you look at me, like you know better than me, and that I am a child, it pisses me off, because in three nights of all that, it takes most of my money. The rest I spend on the food that feeds me maybe once a day while I am working.  It makes it tough to even think about paying my back bills when I can not even pay for my food all week.

Another rant.

If one more straight person talks to me about their failing relationships, or talk to me about their friends relationships, I might slap the hell out of them.  As a gay man, I hear that we are the sexually promiscuous ones, the ones who sleep around, the ones who die alone.  But all I am seeing from the straight friends is all that shit.  Most of the gay people I know don't just hop into bed with someone they met at the fraternity party they happen to be at that night.  No, that is left to the straight people.
So the next time I hear the shit, and the drama, I am going to laugh, and tell you to keep it in your pants, maybe you will be happier after about 6 months, when you realize that sex is not the only thing in the world.

I hope that I am pissing people off tonight.
I am all of a sudden.

Oh yeah. Lesbians have more drama than I could have ever imagined.
Just saying.

I don't know what to say people.  I want to talk about sooooo much more, but like I said before, I do not know where to start.....or continue. lol


Thursday, June 10, 2010

So So Sorry...!

I haven't been able to get on my laptop because the internet I connect to has not been coming in real well, I am really sorry for not being able to post. I am going to try in the next couple of days, even if it takes typing it out first, than copy and paste. lol

He makes me Smile!!!!!